Excellent bulletproof and stab proof performance of polyethylene fiber double anti-theft material


2022-08-30 14:51

Polyethylene fiber double defense material is a lightweight solution for bulletproof and stab proof clothing because of its excellent bulletproof and stab proof performance

The invention of aramid fiber is a huge progress in the development history of bulletproof composite materials. The soft bulletproof vest made of aramid fabric has achieved a revolutionary breakthrough in wearing comfort, and the appearance of UHMWPE fiber has further improved the soft Compared with aramid fiber, UHMW2PE fiber has higher strength, modulus, specific strength, specific modulus and sound wave transmission speed. These factors are closely related to the anti-ballistic performance of fiber. Generally It is believed that the higher the above indicators, the better the anti-ballistic performance of the fiber. The experimental results of Lee et al. [1] show that the anti-ballistic performance of UHMWPE fiber exceeds that of aramid fiber represented by Kevlar fiber. The fiber has better weathering resistance, and does not absorb water or moisture, so it has better adaptability to the environment. For individual protection, usually in the case of higher protection level requirements, such as the main threat is pointed bullets , steel core bullets, need to use the insert plate alone or use the insert plate in combination with the soft bulletproof vest, and also need to use the helmet, in the design of the bulletproof helmet, the weight factor is the most important factor in addition to the protective performance.