Announcement | The new national personal protective equipment standard drafted by Xingyu Company is released!


2022-08-30 14:53

The State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Administration jointly issued the "Announcement on Approving and Issuing "Motorcycle Tires" and other 26 Mandatory National Standards and 2 Mandatory National Standards Amendments" (No. 31 of 2020), including 4 Compulsory national standards for the provision of personal protective equipment. "Personal Protective Equipment Provisioning Specifications Part 1: General Provisions (GB39800.1-2020)", "Personal Protective Equipment Provisioning Specifications Part 2: Petroleum, Chemical, Natural Gas (GB39800.2-2020)", "Personal Protective Equipment Provisioning Specifications Part 3: Metallurgy, Non-ferrous Metals (GB39800.3-2020)", "Personal Protective Equipment Equipment Specification Part 4: Non-coal Mines (GB39800.4-2020)" 4 standards are listed, Shandong Xingyu Glove Co., Ltd. One of the main drafters of Part 4 of the standard.

GB 39800.4-2020 "Personal Protective Equipment Provisioning Specification Part 4: Non-Coal Mines" stipulates the overall requirements for the provision of personal protective equipment (ie labor protection equipment), identification of hazardous factors, and personal protective equipment Equipped.

This standard applies to non-coal mines, including metal mines, non-metal mines, water and gas mines, and energy mines other than coal mines, petroleum and natural gas mines, and the provision and management of personal protective equipment for all employers and their employees. It does not apply to non-coal mines industries. The provision and management of personal protective equipment for firefighting by various employers.

As a leading company in China's labor insurance industry, Xingyu Co., Ltd. has drafted this standard together with nine companies including Shanghai Institute of Work Safety, Aluminum Corporation of China, and China Minmetals Corporation, and consciously shoulders a heavy responsibility. Wearing personal protective equipment has become the last and only means for workers to defend against external injuries and ensure personal safety and health. We have the responsibility to let more workers understand the importance of personal protection.

It is reported that this standard is a mandatory national standard and will be fully implemented on January 1, 2022. The standards are mainly formulated for the personal protective equipment worn by industrial workers in special industries, and set clearer and stricter requirements on the standards and performance of hand protection of individual workers.

The implementation and implementation of this standard, while fully implementing the spirit of "people-oriented" and "decent work", will also bring new market development space for my country's personal protection related industries.