Quick view | Xingyu disposable nitrile gloves with great value, don't miss it!


2022-01-13 17:15

Recently, the epidemic situation has not stabilized, and the supply of disposable nitrile gloves is in short supply, and the demand in medical institutions, individuals, manufacturing, service industries and other industries has surged.
In the face of the global situation, Xingyu Company is anxious to the people's urgency and demonstrates the responsibility of large enterprises. With an investment of 800 million yuan, the Xingyu Medical Industrial Park covering an area of ​​460 acres was built, and it was put into production in May this year, with an annual production capacity of 12 billion!
A pair of good gloves, made by Xingyu standard. Xingyu strives to achieve the highest cost performance in the same quality and the best quality in the same price! Quality determines value, Xingyu always puts quality first in product manufacturing!
The modern dual-mode disposable nitrile production line invested by Xingyu Company introduces the most advanced equipment and production technology in the world, from the front-end abrasives, rubber compounding, to production processes, all adopt automatic control to ensure the quality consistency of the final product. ; The production line is more than 200 meters in length, fully washed, and the cleanliness of the products is ahead of the industry level (which can meet the food-grade requirements of Japan, Europe, the Americas, and domestic and other regions), and the curing time is long (30% longer than the same in the industry), It ensures sufficient wearing time, superior physical performance, and all indicators can reach medical-grade standards in various countries and regions. Rich in weight and color, according to different thicknesses, different customer requirements, corresponding to different formulation designs, products with multiple characteristics are produced.
Xingyu Company attaches great importance to product quality and introduces a large number of advanced professional equipment. From the raw materials entering the factory to the preparation of each process, they are tested in accordance with the standards to ensure that the upper process is qualified, and then enter the next process. Finished product inspection and factory inspection are carried out in strict accordance with the 13485 system, and the finished products are randomly tested. Based on the principle of being responsible for the customers, the products can be shipped only after the quality is guaranteed.
From the entry of raw materials into the factory to the production preparation, and then to the product delivery, Xingyu has a complete inspection standard system for each process, so as to ensure that each product can be delivered to customers with high quality.
Since the company's disposable nitrile production line was completed, the production qualifications and inspection reports have been complete. In 2016, the company completed the domestic product and production filing of medical devices, and registered with the US FDA, established a complete ISO13485 medical device quality management system, and obtained the European Union market access certificate. Long-term cooperation with many well-known companies in the United States, Europe, Japan and China has been favored by customers.
The equipment is excellent, the craftsmanship is fine, the quality control is strict, and the qualification is complete. Industry-leading technical equipment, professional quality inspection team, complete production qualifications, detailed control, high quality and strict requirements, escort high-quality products.
Good products made by Xingyu, pay for good products.