Congratulations | The Ten Highlights Conference of the Security Industry was successfully held! Xingyu won the "Special Award"!


2022-08-30 14:53

The old age is about to go, and the golden bull is coming!

At 3:30 pm on January 14th, the press conference of Ten Highlights of High-quality Development of Security Industry in the 13th Five-Year Plan was officially held in the Golden Studio of Gaomi City Radio and Television Building.

The municipal leaders who were invited to attend this press conference were: Gaomi Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Wenqi, Deputy Director of the Municipal People's Congress and Chairman of the Municipal Security Industry Cluster Advisory Steering Committee Gong Desheng, and Deputy Mayor of the Municipal Government Zhang Shuai.

Lei Limin, vice chairman of the China Textile Business Association and chairman of the Safety and Health Committee, sent congratulations and messages via video.

Outstanding entrepreneurs, news figures and employee representatives who were commended by the city's security industry also attended the press conference in person.

Four outstanding model workers in the security industry, including the 2020 May 1st Labor Medal winner of Shandong Province and Li Chenlong, an employee of Xingyu, jointly opened the "Ten Highlights" press release ceremony on site.

As the first corporate representative, Mr. Zhou Xingyu, general manager of Xingyu Company, took the stage to unveil the first highlight of the conference.

As one of the main members of the security industry cluster in Gaomi City, Xingyu has overcome various unfavorable factors brought about by the epidemic with its hard work, hard work and the spirit of advancing through the waves, and has submitted a satisfactory answer in 2020. !

In 2020, Xingyu has achieved a new leap in development. As a key project for the conversion of old and new energy in Shandong Province, Xingyu has invested 800 million yuan to build a medical technology industrial park with 64 dual-mode disposable nitrile production lines, with an annual production capacity of 12 billion! It will surely become another bright new business card of Gaomi security industry! Xingyu will also become China's largest protective glove production and R&D base!

From 2016 to 2020, Xingyu has continuously strengthened its sense of innovation, brand awareness, and responsibility, and its annual tax payment has repeatedly hit new highs. In 2020, the tax amount will reach 104 million yuan, breaking through the 100 million yuan mark for the first time, an increase of 343%! Ranked third in the city's industrial enterprises!

Xingyu Company won the "Special Award" for the high-quality development of the security industry cluster in the 13th Five-Year Plan for Endeavour in 2020! Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor Wang Wenqi personally presented the medal to the general manager of Xingyu Company Zhou Xingyu!

Xingyu Company will closely follow the development of the national security industry. In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" in 2021, it will further strengthen its sense of innovation and adhere to the corporate mission of "protecting hundreds of millions of workers around the world". Under the correct leadership of the government, in order to accelerate the construction of a new dual-cycle development pattern, to make greater contributions to the society and the security industry!